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Simple Easter Faith in the Risen Savior

Posted by Steven Light on

Outside the tomb of Jesus, Mary Magdalene lingered. Mary, from whom Jesus had cast out seven demons, lingered and wept after Peter and John had departed. She alone was compelled to remain beyond any other. Though Jesus was dead (for all she knew) she could not escape the impulse which held her there when others departed. In that moment, with purer simplicity than any other disciple, she was the picture of true faith.

As one writer expressed, for Mary, “In vain does Calvary proclaim that the Lord is dead, in vain does the tomb declare that He had been buried, in vain does the absent stone suggest that they have taken Him away - this threefold witness will not convince Mary that He has gone out of her life forever. And why? Because in the depth of her being there was an even more emphatic witness which would not be silenced but continued to protest that she must receive Him back, since He is her Savior...Once given the intimate bond of faith between a sinner and his Savior, there can be no death to such a relationship.” A few moments later, joy unspeakable dawned upon her soul as the risen Lord revealed himself to her.

Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ? Do you know this bond between sinner and Savior?

“Here at bottom lies the decisive issue for everyone as regards the attitude to be assumed towards this great fact...What means Christ for us? For what do we need him? If we have learned to know ourselves guilty sinners, destitute of all hope and life in ourselves, and if we have experienced that pardon, peace and strength came to us from him, will it not sound like mockery in our ears, if somebody tells us that it does not matter whether Jesus rose from the dead on the third day? It is of the very essence of saving faith that it clamors for facts, facts to show that the heavens have opened, that the tide of sinful nature has been reversed, the guilt of sin expiated, the reign of death destroyed and life and immortality brought to light. (Excerpts from “Rabboni,” by Geerhardus Vos)